Clinic Medi Facials & Treatments

  • Medical Grade Microdermabrasion using Oxyderm, which is microdermabrasion with pure oxygen infusion.
  • All brand new clients are to fill out the medical questionnaire on the home page and I will get back to you in regards to a treatment once this is submitted through the contact us link.
  • I am an ITEC qualified Beauty & Skin Specialist, based in West Harbour, Auckland - to book a treatment either select the Contact us and send an email outling what you would like and that you are prepped using the skincare I sell, or phone me 0211352669, or 4167030

    I am qualified in medical grade peels and skincare by brands such as Aspect and Cosmedix & PCA, which are the safest and top brands world wide used by Dermatologists and Skin Specialists. We now have a medical Grade Microdermabrasion machine (Oxyderm) which does pure oxygen infusion. This machine is a top of the line machine, which is the one that celebrities have their treatment done with the day before red carpet events!

     Medical Grade Lactic Peel or AHA Mask, Medi facial using Aspect, Cosmedix or PCA

  • Followed with a medical Grade Microdermabrasion if necessary and or other products & treatments & a Pure oxygen infusion... This treatment takes approximately 1 hour and is priced at a  the special price currently of $99  - only when you purchase a minimum of $100 on Aspect, PCA, Cosmedix or Colorescience skincare... Please use the contact us link - to message me to make a booking for this treatment or enquire, I can adjust this treatment to your individual needs

Retinol Brulee peel or Timeless peel 

$129 takes approximately 45 mins special usually $250  - Must be prepped for 3 weeks prior on Aspect & Cosmedix and using retinol for 3 weeks prior! This is obviously not suitable for pregnant women.

spray Tan 

$40 using top brands  few to choose from

Dermal Pen treatment  special $150 Usually $250

Includes a double cleanse, enzyme treatment, apply a very generous amount of Hyaluronic boosting serum to face eyes and neck and then I do this treatment with a professional dermal pen initially 0.5 needle for the first treatment; at the end I apply a Société gel peptide mask, post treatment and sunscreen  - duration approx. 1 hour! Must be prepped for a min of 3 weeks prior on a medical grade skincare routine containing vitamin A & C Serums

Obviously during Covid 19 - Alert levels 3 and 4 absolutely no treatments will be done and there are no pickups either, all product will be sent via contactless courier!