Skincare RX Hydrafix professional gel mask Sheet


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SkincareRX HYDRAFIX can be used after a facial treatment to calm and soothe the skin as well as reduce the appearance of swelling and redness. The hydrogel mask is composed of different polymers that form a gel texture that adheres to the face and forms a protective seal as the skin absorbs the active ingredients. Used after professional aesthetic treatments due to its cooling effect, the benefits of the mask are intensified because the actives are added to the polymers during the gel making process. 

This is just for 1 Mask SHEET 

Active Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid: a powerful hydrating ingredient, it promotes healing and plumps and mositurises the skin while preventing dehydration.
Arginine: an anti-bacterial compound that is essential for collagen formation, it accelerates the wound healing process while easing discomfort and swelling.
Niacinamide: a collagen boosting ingredient, it soothes inflammation, improves skin barrier function, reduces redness and hydrates the skin.
Serine: a moisturising ingredient that boosts the elasticity of the skin
Aloe: an ingredient known for its healing properties, it soothes and protects while refreshing and mositurising the skin.
Trehalose: an ingredient with rehydrating and moisture binding properties.
Argireline: a peptide that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles